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The AFK-YK001 Non-contact Infrared Thermometer is a professional non-contact infrared thermometer that measures human or object temperature. The thermometer without contact has been developed by using the latest infrared technology. It allows the temporal artery (TA) temperature to be taken at a distance of about 1-3cm away from the forehead. Precise, Instantaneous, and without Contact, the thermometer is, up to now, the most suitable thermometer for no risk on temperature measurement.

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Packaging Includes:

  • 40 Thermometers
  • 40 User manuals

Certified FDA, CE.FCC
Operating Conditions 16°C~35°C(60.8ºF~95ºF)
Batteries DC 3V | 2AAA (batteries not included)
Unit size 13.8×9.5.4CM
Unit Weight 90g (without batteries)
Measuring range Human: 32°C ~ 42.9°C (89.6ºF~109.2ºF)
Object: 0°C~100°C(32ºF~212.0ºF)
Precision Human:±0.2°C/0.4ºF
Consumption ≤45mW
Measuring distance 1CM-3CM
Brand/Model AFK / YK001

While the thermometer is on, press & hold the ‘SET’ button til you see F1 (it should beep) then release the button, then press & hold the ‘SET’ button again til you see F2 then release immediately, then one last time til you see F3. Once you see F3 click ‘MODE’ then click the trigger. This should have programmed it to be in Fahrenheit now.

This product can modify the default settings parameter. Factory settings have been made for different sales markets before leaving the factory, it is recommended not to modify the factory default value, if there is a need to modify, please follow the following steps.

1.Buzzer Switch
Setup method in the boot state, short press “set” key, screen display “ON” and horn symbol or “OFF” and horn symbol (horn symbol flashes), short press again setting key, screen display switch between “ON” and “OFF “.
2.Alarm Temperature Setting-F1
Setup method in the boot state, press the “Set” key for 2 seconds, the screen shows: F1, press the “Memo” key to increase 0.1°C, press the “Mode” key to reduce 0.1°C, press the measuring key to confirm. (alarm temperature factory setting at 37.3°C)
3. Overall Temperature Offset – F2
Adjust the measurement bias of the product. (This setting is not recommended)
Setup method: Press the Settings button for 2 seconds. The screen shows:
F1. short press again the Settings button enter into F2, select press “Memo” to increase 0.1°C, press “Mode” to decrease 0.1°C, press Setting key to confirm. (Factory defaults to 000.0 degrees)
4. Exits Settings mode
In setting mode, press the” measurement “key one time to close the screen, and the product automatically exits the setting.
5. Memory Query
After each test, the product will automatically record the test data, up to 100 measurements can be recorded, if you
want to view these data, according to the following operation. In the standby state, press the “Memo” button to show the last measured temperature. Press the “Memo” button again to display the previous data, press the “Mode” key to display the following data, and so on, you can view the measured data stored. You can press the measurement button to exit query mode.
Without any pressing, It will exit this mode and close automatically in 10 seconds.
6. Memory Clearance
In the standby state, long press “Memo” key 2 seconds, that can clear all current memory.
7. Alarm Function
In temperature mode, if the measured temperature is higher than the set alarm temperature, the buzzer is continuous
Three drops. (alarm temperature factory set to 37.3°C).
8. Switching Measurement Mode
In the boot state, press the “Mode” button, the display screen:” object temperature “and” body temperature “display alternately, select the desired mode, press the measurement button to exit.
9. Display Color
In body temperature mode, if the measured temperature is higher than the set alarm temperature, the display color will switch to yellow or red (alarm temperature factory is set to 37.3°C)


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